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Being able to control the number of children you have and when you have them makes a significant impact on your quality of life. On the flip side, not being able to get pregnant when you’re ready can be wearing. Board-certified OB/GYN Lynnell P. Gardner, MD, specializes in family planning and fertility at her practice, Lynnell P. Gardner M.D. & Michael F. Hamant M.D., and can provide the help you need, whether you’re trying to delay pregnancy or if you’re having difficulty conceiving. For an appointment, call the Tucson, Arizona, office or request an appointment online today.

Family Planning & Fertility Q & A

What is family planning?

Family planning refers to the ability to decide how many children you want to have and when you want to have them. Dr. Gardner can assist you with your family planning needs by providing you with birth control and fertility counseling.

What type of birth control is best for me?

Dr. Gardner works one-on-one with you during your birth control counseling session to determine the best method of birth control for you. Some of your birth control options include:

  • Birth control bill, patch, or shot
  • Intrauterine device (IUD)
  • Barrier methods, such as a diaphragm or cervical cap
  • Sterilization, a permanent form of birth control

The type of birth control you need may depend on your future pregnancy plans, as well as your medical history.

While these types of birth control protect you from pregnancy, they don’t protect you from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). If you have more than one sexual partner, Dr. Gardner may suggest that you also use condoms to protect yourself from an STD.

What is fertility?

Fertility refers to your ability to conceive. As many as 10% of women of childbearing age experience difficulty getting pregnant. You may be considered to be suffering from infertility if you aren’t able to get pregnant after 12 months of trying, or after six months if you’re 35 or older. 

For women, the most common cause of infertility is due to issues related to ovulation. Structural issues, such as a fibroid or scar tissue in your fallopian tubes, are also common causes of infertility.

If you’re struggling with infertility, Dr. Gardner can perform an evaluation to determine what may be causing your difficulties and provide the most appropriate treatment.

What can I do to improve my fertility?

Dr. Gardner specializes in fertility treatment and can provide you with an individualized treatment plan to help improve your chances of conception. She may first begin by teaching you how to monitor your ovulation so you can schedule your sexual intercourse when you’re most fertile.

If you’re experiencing ovulation difficulties, Dr. Gardner may prescribe medication to improve ovulation. If your fertility issues are related to a structural issue, she can perform any necessary procedure to improve your reproductive health. 

For expert gynecological care for your family planning and fertility needs from a women’s health expert, contact Lynnell P. Gardner M.D. & Michael F. Hamant M.D. by phone or online today.